Hotel or Event Resorts



IOW Tours hosts some great Petanque events and tournaments.

We can help you arrange a Petanque weekend for you and your club, across the UK as well as to  Jersey & Guernsey. It’s a great excuse to get away and join old friends & new in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re an experienced Petanque player or new to the game our weekends offer something for everyone.

Teamed with great facilities, excellent food and top nightly entertainment why not come and join us whether you are a just in it for fun or a competitive player with your eye on the prize everyone is a winner, and who knows, you might even take home a trophy!

We cater for both clubs and individuals, and  no matter what the size of your group a great time will be had by all.

Are you there to support your club? The weekend has a lot to offer – either enjoy the resort with all its facilities or even join us on an afternoon coach trip.

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