Dear Shirley

Thank you and your team for what I think was our parties best ever holiday, as a Group Organiser it is hard to please so many at the same time but we had so many memorable incidents that they all went to make this a great time.

It started from our initial pick-up when our departure was delayed while one of us left their medication in the  car. A change of ferry meant that we had an impromptu stop at Portsmouth Old Town, which was a bonus, and then on arrival at the [Norton] Grange one our our gentlemen was found in Jackie’s chalet, which all gave us a laugh.

Then on Wednesday being invited to your belated 25th Birthday Party, which was a splendid time – what a cake! Sandra and myself taking part in Mr & Mrs making a prat of ourselves but what was nice was putting faces to the personnel that you speak to on the phones while arranging trips. Then the speech which took courage, well done love.

Thursday brought another first that was a boat trip back to the [sic] Main Land which as it happened was wondrous for those that went, a trip through the New Forest and then seeing Tom our senior gentleman going up the Spinnaker Tower to the highest level, he wanted to stay up there for another hour or more but we had to catch the coach back to the Island. On the way back two members of the group got stuck in the toilets on the ferry which caused a minor panic, solved with a free drink of coffee. Then to finish the day off Mike [the coach driver] going in to Bob & Val’s chalet while they were getting ready for dinner – he did not have his SatNav with him at the time!

Friday a day of sadness as we have to say farewell to a lovely break but it is not over yet, one last bit of hilarity was to happen but I will leave Jackie to explain what occurred in the smoking area while waiting to board the coaches!

What a great time thank you all at Isle of Wight Tours and Shirley look up to the sky, ask Mark for inspiration and then do your own thing, you’ve got it mainly right over the last 25 years, so carry on doing a fantastic job.

Yours truly,

CE – Southend